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Dealing With Grief & Regaining One’s Health

It has taken time and circumstances, before feeling any relief from the pain bottled up inside of me. Many times over there has been the experience of saying ‘Fare thee well – see you again over yonder’ to grandparents, parents and numerous relatives, friends and associates – but a child is suppose to outlive their parents, aren’t they ? How can one go on living, when they feel their heart and life has been shattered?

There are many forms of loss that occur, other then death … that being estrangement / divorce from a partner, employment, a home, a pet, self esteem, and the list goes on. How does one regain footing from such losses and get back on track ? ‘Letting go and letting God’ is a difficult change for many to comprehend, yet I know the results are of eternal benefits, while experiencing a prelude taste of heaven on earth. Are there really angelical beings that are with us, to comfort us and minister to us throughout these times of distress ?

Regaining mental, physical, and spiritual health is a road that many have, are and will travel. Eventually using that experience in helping others along the way, who are still searching for answers, the time of pain begins to make some sense. Release from the pain ‘WILL’ eventually turn into a dull ache, which will disappear, though the length of time will vary with each individual.

Allowing myself permission to laugh again, while dreaming about fulfilling my mission on earth and enjoying life’s blessings each day, is how I plan on spending the remainder of my years. Still having work and living to do on my earth journey, with my ‘bucket list’ in the back of my mind to fulfill,  I certainly hope those years add up to a few decades … as heaven can surely wait.

Brandi: Founder of Top Cherub Web Centre

“Love will grow as reasons for love are discovered, thought about, dwelt upon in the mind, expressed verbally and remembered. As time goes on, the memory will become rich with increasing vividness and warmth in storing up facts and reasons behind the increase of love.”                                                                                                 Edith Schaffer

TCWC was officially established in January 2013. Over the years of slowly letting go of my dearly missed and departed Christina, I came to realize that she will always be my ‘Top Cherub’ and a sweet memory away from all of us who loved her. This was how the Centre’s name was chosen. Settling in with the TCWC ground team, our mission statement is the ‘over all’ priority.


Top Cherub Web Centre aims to bring inspiring messages and stories to our subscribers and community, in regards to the repair of damaged lives, while helpful to our client’s well being. The foundation of my business is based on the Living Word of God, while glorifying our Creator’s work on earth. In promoting good health … mentally, physically and spiritually, we become ‘our brother’s keepers’.

Top Cherub Web Centre is an extension of the TCWC Team’s past and present personal / work experience. Future plans will be added as they and the web site are developed. Through the years of working in the field of human relations and services, academics and medical care giving, we at TCWC collectively came to understand how fragile and vulnerable each human life is or can become, without a moments notice.

More often than not, we have asked the question ‘Why?’ when tragic times have impacted our lives. It could be due to the death of a loved one, job loss, any form of abuse or just watching or hearing about the crisis’s occurring within our community and globally. Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness can become overwhelming, and an individual may not know where to seek help. It is during these times that an individual either falls into deep depression, or searches fervently for resourceful services that can assist them through the time of their personal crisis.

We are a unique team of professional individuals who bring our life experiences, skills and talents to the table, to deliver upcoming quality products and services to our clients. We have been there before or know someone who has, and believe in sharing our experiences in helping others on their earth journey. Through consultation, we would like to consider us as a helping hand, in guiding you through the stormy time of your life.

We welcome all who come in ‘Peace’, to register and share their thoughts and experiences with the community, as we journey together for a season. One may also develop a long lasting relationship with us, and find TCWC as their internet ‘Safe Zone’ to visit on a regular basis, All information will be secure and confidential … other then what one wants to share within the forum. Being moderated before any comment is posted / edited if necessary, we are here to shield your ‘best interest’ during a delicate and vulnerable time.

If we do not have an answer for you, then we will do our best to share a reliable link of a trusted affiliate, who may have the answers you are looking for. We will offer the best information resources available, which we or others we trust have researched.

Enjoy your time with us, in finding happiness and healing in the stories you read, as well as the video and interviews you watch or listen to, through TCWC. May you be filled with an overflow of ‘joy unspeakable’ in and through your life, starting with each new day.

Peace be with ‘YOU’ and your loved ones.

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