Precious Jewels From Heaven

“Kind words are jewels that live in the heart and soul and remain as blessed memories years after they have been spoken.”

Marvea Johnson

After a long hiatus [April 2013] from posting any stories for ‘Top Cherub Web Centre’, it is with a renewed inspiration of the Spring weather change, that once again lifts the spirit within myself and many others who are near and dear to me. The harsh blow of the pass Winter months affected all, and many more then others, throughout North America.

Minus too many details, there were some very personal crisis, with twist and turns in our life events, within my immediate ‘Inner Circle’ of TCWC Enterprises. Dealing with our own loss and victories, they were as the many valleys and mountain top peaks that we encounter, along the path of our life journey. Death, divorce, job loss, illness, serving in other outreaches in our communities, we have scurried about in continuing the building of the ‘grass roots’ of Top Cherub Web Centre’. We are very anxious to get the show on, with ‘Our Internet Highway to Heavenly’ within our communities, and that of the lives of our interested audience of readers.

It is without saying [though I will, anyway] that it is with total appreciation and a humbling gratitude I am experiencing, towards those who have left encouraging words and positive reinforcement of my meager beginnings of getting this business off the ground floor level. THANK YOU, thank you, and thank you repeatedly. Without your thoughtfulness and constructive criticism, I would be floundering here in deep waters with the question of ‘Why even continue on with my vision of what Top Cherub Web Centre was, is or will develop into, while keeping the purpose of why I even began, and what we can and will offer to the public ?’, without your input and inspiring comments.

Special recognition goes out to Derrick; Principal of LOWD Media who is my ‘Web Wizard’ coaching me on future plans for my TCWC Domain, and Susan who is my Editor in waiting ~ for more material to do her magic with. This pertains to Ebooks, novels and hard copy editions of non fictional books that will be available in future times. Other products are also being considered and negotiated, around the table of business, as well as access to many ‘Motivational .Masterminds’ and ‘Professionals’ who you can link to, for further assistance in your healing process of mind, body and soul.

Due to circumstances unforeseen, as mentioned above, our reply to the enormous response of mail has been slower then it will be in future days, when those working with me are able to ‘get back on their feet’ and back in the marathon of life, assisting members of TCWC to do the same.

I also need to mention the extreme attack my web site has been under, as not all is easy flowing when one begins speaking up about the subject of ‘The Spiritual Realm’ that exist, as it also stirs up the negative forces that are busy and active in trying to rob people of any hope, faith, and love within their life. I do appreciate all the prayers that have been spoken on my behalf, with me and countless ones from those who I have not had the honor of meeting, as of yet. They are received like air mail, on the wings of the angels who flutter about in the invisible realm of our lives.

Here at TCWC, I have labeled the ‘negative force’ as malicious evil doers or dream robbers, and leave it at that, though they are also called Trolls and flame throwers, throughout the Internet chat rooms and other forums. As first stated in ‘About Us’, I began this web state to be established as a ‘Safe Zone’ for ‘All’ those who are seeking a refuge site from countless misleading sites, where bashing of religion, sexuality [or whatever other topic is the hot item of the day] becomes intolerable for too many seeking a helping hand. Links that are nothing more then scams and rip off sites, are a waste of our [your] time, money and energy. They offer products and ‘snake oil  remedies’ that are harmful to the healing of one’s mental, physical, and spiritual well being, therefore not what we will or want to promote … here at Top Cherub Web Centre.

If anyone who has personally received my card to connect to my TCWC web site, or was referred here by a friend or family member to do so, it has come to my attention that many have been redirected through the Internet, to a counterfeit sites. It is with my deepest apology for any confusion that was created there, as we have been busy in correcting this misfortune, over the past year. Starting a business at home, much of the past few years has been spent in trying to clean up this misdirection issue. My Anti-virus Technicians and others, have been ever so helpful in helping me cope with the challenges that were set before me, and I sing many praises with each time they have rescued me from whatever ailed my computer system. This contributed to my lack of posting more stories and advancing with introducing other Professionals through emails and links, as I basically needed to know that ‘the coast was clear’ and I was not sending any trouble their way, even though they are more then equipped to deal with the situation. It is the price one pays, in seeking pleasure on social sites, or conducting business, over the Internet. *Sigh*

When it comes to being an Affiliate of TCWC, the only ones who will be part to this web site will be those who are personally kn known in my community, or have been well researched by my team of Experts. Please do not add ‘YOUR’ web site information to a comment in the blog or the Forum [when added to the Membership section – possibly by early May], as this is not an advertising site for your business. Business web sites will be considered at a later date, and only by application through the ‘Affiliate section’ when added to the TCWC Domain. Web sites containing interesting articles pertaining to the subject at hand, will be reviewed by Moderators, before posting. You will be able to review these restrictions and other ‘Rules of TCWC Site’ in the Privacy Policy, T.O.S., Legal Section, and Disclaimers that will be put in place, once membership, a shopping carts is added, and TCWC is SSL protected.

A very wise man once said ‘A person is part of a solution or a contributor to the problem’ and we screen carefully for those who are ‘creators of issues’ in other people’s lives, or even try to compound the grief they are experiencing. May take a bit of time to catch on to those who are like ‘Foxes lose in a hen house at night’ and that will be taken care of some enough, to ‘weed them out’ before any harm is done. We care, as there is not one of us who has not tread down one of ‘the same paths’ in life as someone else has been or is on, even if distance or the people involved in our life circumstances differ. We have not walked the beaten path alone, even if we ‘have felt’ isolated or abandoned by others.

My inner circle is made up of sensitive and responsive people, who can be very empathetic towards others, with their endearing thoughtfulness. With that said, they also are fully experienced in the area of ‘Tough Love’, and know where to draw the line. We are here to walk with you for a season, hold your hand across the Internet and listen to your tears, while we shed our own. Where the line is drawn is that it is only ‘YOU’ who can make your life changing decisions. No one can do that for you, as we are only here to point towards the possible directions you may want to choose – which we deem as positive and enlightening for our reading audience. We are here to cheer you on, in your accomplishments.

God and His army of angels intervene in our lives in such miraculous ways, and all is good. When THEY do not intervene, … be fully aware that they are busy in the background, working through other ways and people, in order to develop and bring our lives into maturity. Life lessons are what prepares us for future test, up the highway that we are traveling. We need to go through our time of grief and loss, praying that he brings the ”right people’ into our lives to surround us and keep us strong. If what they speak is not of God or correct, and sounds more like condemnation or judgment on our life, you must not fret. Only God knows your heart and motives, and what HE IS WORKING OUT, IN AND THROUGH YOUR LIFE. This could be a mere test, to take you to another plateau or level of learning in your life.

Our Messiah was, is and always will be the strength people need, to endure the hardships we face. God in the flesh, He endured all our pain and suffering at the ‘Cross of Calvary.’ He knows that not one of us has all the answers, as even He could not tell His Disciples and followers when He would return, to end the suffering here on earth. It is also factual that His last words were ‘Father, why have you forsaken me ?’ during which time the sky fell into an eerie darkness, and the VEIL [curtain in the Synagogue /Temple, separating God from humans, other then that of the prepared High Priest who entered at set time of the year to offer a sacrificial lamb for the sins of the people] RIPPED FROM BOTTOM TO THE TOP. At that moment Jesus cried out ‘IT IS FINISHED’ and gave up His Spirit.’ Good Friday is what the following Monday brought … Goodness and God’s mercy to each one of our lives, seeing us through our darkest moments – with a great deal of kindness and help from others.

When we find that we are in that dark valley and feeling forsaken or abandoned, remember the saying that ‘It is always the darkest, before the break of dawn.’ Recently speaking with a gentleman who shared how lonely he was since the death of his wife, with it seemingly be the worst in the early hours before sunrise that the loneliness awoke him and set in, I suggested that he take a flashlight to bed with him and a stuffed animal that might represent one of his wife’s favorite creatures.. Telling him that when he awakened in the dark of the night, he just needed to turn on the flashlight and chat with the stuffed animal as though his wife was there with him. His eyes lite up, and he smiled. He thought that may be a solution to his issue, and said he would try it out..

We have much work to do, during the dark times that have engulfed this world, and healing is a God given to all who are open to receiving. Even ‘mother earth’ cries out for the healing touch from the pollution that she continues to spin around with The animal kingdom also is in great need of being spared of more grief and extinction with many species. Most important is the our healing with spiritual and mental being of priority, and physical as a given bonus, as we are the overseers of the above mentioned.

Please don’t ask me why one person receives and another who prays faithful does not. I don’t have the answer. In a nutshell ‘Life is a mystery, and the mystery lays within each one of us’. It is the earth and heavenly angels that travel about in the course of our life, with some we call ‘dear friends and family’, that makes it bearable and helps us endure to ‘fight the GOOD fight, while here on earth. 

As you continue on your life journey, remember: A kind word [action /deed] is an inexpensive jewel that can be given out freely, unto any and all, with whom you encounter,  throughout the day. Find your yourself busy with ‘worthy’ causes, in helping others, our animal kingdom, or planet earth. You’ll be delighted with how many jewels come back to you, in your daily travels.

Keep well & be blessed, always.


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