Good Bye 2012 ~ Hello New Chapter of Life

With another year that has come and gone, we have seen and found the world and ourselves going through many changes, adjustments and transformations. Some are for the better and others we don’t feel as being fair or good.

Countless were good, in spite of the challenges and obstacles that came our way. These are the very things that contribute to our growth, molding of character and strengthen us to endure unforeseen future events that lay ahead on our paths in life. We have reached the pinnacles of mountain tops, while travelling through dark valleys, for those who have endured life thus far. It is with hope that you have not felt abandoned, isolated or left behind, while travelling along the journey of your earth walk.

During a video course and discussion circles that followed, the Pastor’s wife shared a nugget of wisdom and insight, in regards to a question I presented to the group. I asked when ministering to a bereaving client, whether it be a loss of a loved one, employment, addictive mental or physical habits they find as their comfort, or hoarding, phobias, over eating, anorexia and other disorders that clearly shows that the individual is in need of help, what was her outlook on these self-destructive or obstacles in a person’s life

Her reply went something like this. ‘God gives us nothing more than we can endure and if He brings us to it, He will see us through the issues and challenges, as Jesus said that through His Holy Comforter that we would never be abandoned or forsaken. Greater is God’s plan for our lives’, then one could ever imagine. Two things occur from any tragedy or issue within a person’s life. They will draw closer to God, or they will self-propel from Him and His teachings, while harbouring their pain and contain it within their fleshly vessel. This leads to many unnecessary side effects that can be very destructive to the individual’s health, decision making and well being.’

In a nutshell, there are no magic pills or snake oils that will cure what ails a person, without having hope, joy and love flowing from within. Also, God’s healing does not always occur with a single prayer. It can be a progressive occurrence over many days, months or years. Sometimes it doesn’t occur, and there is also purpose in God’s Master Plan for that. Could be that it was that child / person’s appointment time to be with our Creator, while those left behind needed some inner cleansing work to take place. This may be a bitter pill for some to swallow; at this time of your life, understanding or healing, but it is part of God’s way of reassuring us that things will be ‘Okay’ if we continue to trust in Him.

Please do not misunderstand what I am saying here. There are numerous illnesses that are part of the facts of life, which require medication, as it could be a predisposition to that person’s genetic and medical heritage. Know that God works through the hands of medical doctors and other health professionals also, though we put our faith in God. When visiting my physician years ago, he came to know me well. On one visit he asked “Did you pray before making an appointment to see me?” I answered “Sure did, and He told me to pick up the phone and make an appointment with you. With a short chuckle, my doctor began the questions of what symptoms brought me to seek his advice.

I did not have the years of education in the medical system, and sought advice and help when needed. One should not ignore professional medical advice, spiced with generational home remedies and many prayers. If you have any form of medical emergency or in physical danger, do not hesitate to contact your local response team / crisis centre / police department or professional that you are in contact with. Use common sense, as it is not dead – as some would have you believe. Be prepared for the unexpected, as things can change in the wink of an eye.

If you are able to, find a worthy cause to become involved in. When one does not focus upon themselves, so much can take place in one’s own self-esteem and purpose in life, while having a ripple effect to those lives your good deeds touch, globally. All the angels of heaven and earth are listening; even if we feel  our voice or actions go void. Reaching out and touching other people’s lives, as we work towards making this a better world for our future generation and leaders, our legacy will be remembered as one of serving God well, during our earth journey.

Recently, I reviewed a video from some time ago, and felt it most befitting to share with you today. If the voice of our youth can be Internationally heard before the leaders of nations, then there should be no doubt that each one of us can speak up and take action, right where we live and are planted. This could be for a season, if we move and replant our home base elsewhere. Within the community we / you dwell, be reassured from this young ladies speech that we are able to make a difference, right where we sit, stand, and live.

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes: by Kim Seong Lee

With 2013’s new beginnings, I want to express my gratitude for numerous comments left on the TCWC blog. My team has reviewed them and we appreciate the compliments, along with the constructive criticism. We value the feedback and will use various ones to articulate and improve the plans we have been working on, in continuing to develop the TCWC community visitors and member’s forum, along with other developments. This will happen over the next month’s/year, as there are numerous things that need to be put into place.

My blog will continue on with numerous stories of heavenly angels intervening and interacting in human dealings and affairs, as we continue to work on the web site. Consulting will occur online, also at a later date, while offline work is the business at hand, for now. Questionnaires and surveys will be part of future plans, to enable my inner circle to assist and help serve you better and to the best of our ability.

Until then, keep well … and be blessed.

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