Hello world!

My name is Brandi, and I BELIEVE in Cherubs & Angels.

Whether you are a believer, or curious and wonder if there is a possibility that Angels do exist, I am sure you will enjoy my future blogs. Based on true life experiences – you can judge for yourself.

This planet earth, better known as our ‘temporary home’, is a wonderful world filled with endless mysteries that are ours to discover – during our life time here. Born as little human cherubs, we are subject to our genetic heritage and environmental surroundings, as we develop into adults. I will refer to such kind and helpful persons as ‘earth angels’, quite often throughout my blogs.

More often than not, we have asked the question ‘Why?’ when tragic times have impacted our lives. It could be due to the death of a loved one, job loss, any form of abuse … or just watching and hearing of the crisis occurring within our community and globally.

With natural disasters and decisions made, by men or women, which devastate countless lives, we all wonder if there is something beyond the sight of our physical realm, and why are they waiting to intervene in human affairs?  Is there a way to find ‘Peace’ amidst this turmoil in life? Are we alone, or is there actually truth to some ‘Higher Power’ who is omnipotent and actually cares about us? Can one HOPE that there is closure to ‘the insanity’ of people who rule this world in a destructive manner?

From that little cherub in the cradle, smiling and cooing as though being entertained by those in the spiritual realm, our mental state grows skeptical or dulled over the years, with all the complexities of dealing with our physical form. Mentally we are conditioned to accept what we are told, shutting us off from the existence of our spiritual oneness with God, being the Creator of all that exist. We become religious, rather than experiencing freedom in being one of God’s adopted children through our relationship with His only begotten Son

With Angels, in His loving foresight, God knew we would need a great deal of assistance on our earthly pilgrimage. He created ‘His Angelical Beings’ to serve, protect, guide and oversee ‘His’ children during their earth journey. The Holy Scriptures states that He has given His Angels charge over us … which gives me great FAITH that God is a loving and caring God, wanting us to not feel abandoned or alone.

Being able to connect with an earth angel, during a stormy time of our life when we have been in need, is God working in our life. It is through their helping hands, listening ears, shoulder to cry on,  laughter when you are cried out, and sound advice spiced with plenty of prayer, that gives us the strength we need to get back on track. Then we are able to find that quiet place within our life where we hear the whispers of God, once again.

There are countless people who are walking around in a near zombie state of mind with damaged or void spirits. This could be due to a tragedy which shattered their dreams leaving them with feelings of hopeless and helplessness. We all have had our share of stormy seas to sail and dark valleys to walk through.

Through stories, videos and interviews, it is my personal goal to share with the ‘TCWC Internet Community’ how Angels [and earth angels] are very actively engaging in the welfare and well-being of human beings, the animal kingdom and the condition of planet earth.  More often than not, it is through the sharing of stories and listening to ‘the whispers of God’s spirit’ in quiet times that spirits are healed and earth angels broken wings are mended.

You may be asking yourself at this point: Do I believe that we at TCWC have all the answers pertaining to God’s legions of Angelical Beings? That would be a very presumptuous and misleading claim on my part, if I said we did. What we do believe is that so many are semi – living their lives not even aware that the spiritual realm surrounds them and could have a great influence on their lives if they are allowed to do so. Remember, they were created to serve us – second only to God.

This is not a web site study on Cherubs and Angels as there are volumes of research on this subject over the Internet. Also available are many excellent books on the topic of Angels & Cherubs. I will also refer to a few that I have read and studied from. Since Angels appearing unto people and are mentioned 118 times within the Bible [The Living Word of God], there will be reference made to scriptures which is my favorite book on life … as I understand it. Other books will be referred to, from time to time, when it is in reference to questions asked or the subject of the day. 

As Founder of Top Cherub Web Centre, I hope you enjoy YOUR ‘Peace journey’ with us, as you discover the ‘Angelical Forces of God’ working in and throughout your life. Meantime, ‘Beware of how you treat a stranger … lest you be entertaining an angel’.

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