Dinning With An Angel

With the level of trauma experienced in the death of a loved one, the stress level occurring through and after a divorce, would be rated as the second worse crisis an individual experiences in life – next to loss of limb[s]. It is an extremely difficult time for most people, and even more so when children are involved. Ministering angels are always present, only allowed to intervene as directed [invited], and do reveal themselves in human form when the circumstances call for the need. The following story relates to one such need.

George was left in a state of shock, when his marriage of 25 years came to an sudden screeching halt. My impression and knowledge of this man was that he was an English Gentleman and a fine Chef, to say the least. Through the divorce, he kept in contact with his 3 young adult children. With his offspring living at some distance and alimony payments, his ability to travel and visit them was limited. George settled into a one bedroom apartment above a Chinese Restaurant, with little contact with the outside world, other then his employment. Included in his rental agreement was a free dinner any night he chose to dine downstairs. The owners had known George and his former wife for many years, as they were regular patrons at their establishment.

It was a Sunday evening, when George came downstairs, looking a bit disorientated and rough around the edges. Working the kitchen up the street, 6 days a week, he always enjoyed his one day off, even though he chose solitude, rather then the company of others that he and his wife bonded with over the years. The failure of his marriage made him feel as though he was wearing the Scarlet ‘A’ amongst his church family, though this was an untruth and part of his state of mind after the divorce. Isolation is the very thing that the enemy of God would want His children to think, as it is the very twisted [words] thought that he [Satan] beguiled Eve with in the garden of Eden.

George took his seating at the regular booth, near the kitchen. After being served his usual dinner of chicken chow mien and tea, he began to eat. Suddenly a beautiful woman was standing at his table and asked if he would mind if she joined him. George was delighted with the thought of having company, during his solitude time of eating dinner alone. She was interested in what it was he was eating, and George quickly asked if he could order her the same or something else from the menu. She declined the offer of food or drink, stating she was just in and waiting for her next appointment to meet with someone. Stated she was a support worker of a kind.

Over dinner, conversation flowed freely, with George doing most of the conversing. He spoke of his unexpected separation and divorce from his wife, their children and how the separation affected them, along with how it troubled him because of his belief and strength from what the Bible spoke of concerning divorce. Neither he or his wife were guilty of adultery and not being able to reconcile the marriage was tearing him apart. The unidentified guest gave him some comforting words and suggested he not be so hard on himself, concerning a decision that his former wife had made and he had no control over.

After some time the lady visitor stated she had to be leaving, as she had some work to finish up before the end of the day. What that work involved was left unknown to George, as she clearly made it known that she did not want the conversation or time spent with him to be about her. Once the stranger had departed, George sipped on the remainder of his tea and prepared for his own departure to his apartment above the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant and his wife approached him, as they noticed he had went from a very down and out man to having a glow about him. The owner began with ‘George, you okay ? My wife and I very concerned about you.’

George could not imagine why they would have concerns and reassured them that the woman who sat with him was a good person and not out to hurt or take advantage of him in any way. The owners exchanged glances and asked him ‘What woman George ? For the past hour you have sat there and speaking to no one. There was no woman sitting at your table yet you talked just like there was someone sitting with you. Are you okay George ? We are very concerned.’ He suddenly realized that he had just spent the past hour entertaining an angel and that the couple who were observing this scene would not understand, even if he did try to explain it to them. It would take time and sharing numerous scriptures concerning angels or them having their own personal experience, before they would be able to comprehend what they had witnessed that night.

George’s life took a turn for the better, after that Sunday evening encounter. He met a lady [earth angel] and began to fellowship at her church of worship. Developing new church relationships and creating memories with his extended family, George’s life did an ‘about face’ and he once again felt alive. Two years later he and Loretta married. They shared over 2 decades of joy in marriage before George became terminal ill with cancer. It would not surprise me in the least if that ‘lady visitor’ from that Sunday night at the restaurant was one of the faces George saw standing by his bed side, as he passed over to the other side of eternity. Persons attended a friend passing over, have given insight of the dying seeing a person who is not at their bedside. With angels being able to take on the form of any human being, they can and do appear to a dying person in a familiar form that will comfort the dying when saying good bye to their loved ones.

As we live life to the fullest, death has no final sting for those who believe in an eternal home with our Creator of the universe and galaxies beyond. We can rest assured that our eternity will be spent not only with our Creator, but with all our loved ones who have predeceased us in our Lord Jesus. The following account of Pam Reynolds gives some insight of her experience when she was pronounced clinically dead for an hour, and revived back to life. Are these examples just something we take for granted or are they reassurance to those who are fence sitting about what they themselves believe about there not being life after death ? We each hold on to our belief system [that which we grew to believe from the input of elders and those in our life who influenced our way of thinking], and change is a slow process in many cases.

A True Life After Death Case – Pam Reynolds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hViOptr-JcY

One of the most impressive comments Pam made about her hour in heaven was a question she asked of a predeceased loved one she interacted with during her time there. Q: ‘Is God the Light ?’    A: ‘The light is what happens when God breathes.’ Quite awesome to see God and heaven in this way and explanation.

With countless who live life for ‘TODAY’ and do not give thought to their actions or the consequences they bring forth in their ‘TOMORROWS’ is not the way to prepare for eternity. Within that thought, many who have been beaten down by life circumstances have a closer walk with our Lord, and woe to those who did the ‘trodden down’ of the weak and vulnerable of this world.

For any planned trip in life, we map out our destination with precise and care … yet countless people ignore their final destiny, believing that when they are dead – there is no more. What if there is more ? Do you not owe it to yourself [children] to research the matter deeper. King James Version or the Inspired Living Word of the Bible is the best place to start, with recommendations of beginning in the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Coming to the understanding of the mission of Jesus of Nazareth, being God in the flesh who dwelt among His people to give them that road map on their earth journey, while preparing them for His distant return and the coming of His new heavens and Kingdom on earth. FighterPilotDreamz expresses this ‘fact of life’ so well, in the added comment below the video he uploaded.

It will be those who keep the faith who will be welcomed with open arms into the Kingdom of God, reuniting with loved ones, while others are banished for eternity from His presence. For those who believe there is no heaven or hell, my only question to ‘You’ is this ‘Death is inevitable for all who were born, for we were all destined to live our life and die. Are you willing to take a chance on your eternal destiny, due to ‘lack of knowledge or common ignorance ?’ These will be unacceptable excuses in a world that reached the four corners of the earth with the gospel, through missionaries and technology. With each departing soul within my personal life, my condolence is ‘See you later over yonder, for now is your eternal rest … until that mighty trumpet blast and the return of our Messiah.’ Whether we are here are there, on that day ~ what a ‘WOW DAY’ that will be.

Until then … ‘ Be Blessed & Enjoy Life’, as we continue to serve others, on our earth journey and within our global communities.