About Brandi Michielsen

Being a voice for the downtrodden, has occurred in many forms throughout my life. This has also been beneficial during the times when I was on the receiving end of that need of a helping hand, listening ear, and voice who could speak on my behalf. Pointed in the right direction, seeking resources of education and employment, I have brought numerous plans to the table of business, and seen many prosper from those suggestions. I believe that I am now in a position to share connections with others, who are in need of qualified Professionals, to help them through any rough storms in their life, Having a sense of freedom within one's life, that joyfully increases with each day, is what I hope to instill in others, being the motivation of my purpose in and through the work I involve myself with. Raised just outside the town of Essex, I'm a farm girl at heart. I enjoy the wide open spaces, horses, hiking, road trips / travelling in general, camping, motorcycles, planes, helicopters, boating, singing, dancing, theater, writing, acting, company of good people [family, friends, clients, business & political associates] who are also on the mission of bringing positive change to those who are dealing with the pain, suffering in a world that too often shows no sign of relief. Cannot forget to include my deep interest in the care of our animal kingdom and environment, as they also are the downtrodden and neglected, who are suffering from the ignorance of humans, and their disregard of the Global pollution and corruption, that has affected earth's safety and security. It's in the air we breath, and the atmosphere surrounding this world. Change ... begins within one's self, home and community, uniting with our global affiliates in efforts to correct things, and bring healing to planet earth and it's inhabitants. Many call me a dreamer in expecting things to change for the better, and I enjoy wearing that label ... as always believed that dreams really can come true and into existence. Just a matter of time, and a great deal of team effort and work. Keep well and be blessed, as you are loved / special and a blessing unto others.

Precious Jewels From Heaven

“Kind words are jewels that live in the heart and soul and remain as blessed memories years after they have been spoken.”

Marvea Johnson

After a long hiatus [April 2013] from posting any stories for ‘Top Cherub Web Centre’, it is with a renewed inspiration of the Spring weather change, that once again lifts the spirit within myself and many others who are near and dear to me. The harsh blow of the pass Winter months affected all, and many more then others, throughout North America.

Minus too many details, there were some very personal crisis, with twist and turns in our life events, within my immediate ‘Inner Circle’ of TCWC Enterprises. Dealing with our own loss and victories, they were as the many valleys and mountain top peaks that we encounter, along the path of our life journey. Death, divorce, job loss, illness, serving in other outreaches in our communities, we have scurried about in continuing the building of the ‘grass roots’ of Top Cherub Web Centre’. We are very anxious to get the show on, with ‘Our Internet Highway to Heavenly’ within our communities, and that of the lives of our interested audience of readers.

It is without saying [though I will, anyway] that it is with total appreciation and a humbling gratitude I am experiencing, towards those who have left encouraging words and positive reinforcement of my meager beginnings of getting this business off the ground floor level. THANK YOU, thank you, and thank you repeatedly. Without your thoughtfulness and constructive criticism, I would be floundering here in deep waters with the question of ‘Why even continue on with my vision of what Top Cherub Web Centre was, is or will develop into, while keeping the purpose of why I even began, and what we can and will offer to the public ?’, without your input and inspiring comments.

Special recognition goes out to Derrick; Principal of LOWD Media who is my ‘Web Wizard’ coaching me on future plans for my TCWC Domain, and Susan who is my Editor in waiting ~ for more material to do her magic with. This pertains to Ebooks, novels and hard copy editions of non fictional books that will be available in future times. Other products are also being considered and negotiated, around the table of business, as well as access to many ‘Motivational .Masterminds’ and ‘Professionals’ who you can link to, for further assistance in your healing process of mind, body and soul.

Due to circumstances unforeseen, as mentioned above, our reply to the enormous response of mail has been slower then it will be in future days, when those working with me are able to ‘get back on their feet’ and back in the marathon of life, assisting members of TCWC to do the same.

I also need to mention the extreme attack my web site has been under, as not all is easy flowing when one begins speaking up about the subject of ‘The Spiritual Realm’ that exist, as it also stirs up the negative forces that are busy and active in trying to rob people of any hope, faith, and love within their life. I do appreciate all the prayers that have been spoken on my behalf, with me and countless ones from those who I have not had the honor of meeting, as of yet. They are received like air mail, on the wings of the angels who flutter about in the invisible realm of our lives.

Here at TCWC, I have labeled the ‘negative force’ as malicious evil doers or dream robbers, and leave it at that, though they are also called Trolls and flame throwers, throughout the Internet chat rooms and other forums. As first stated in ‘About Us’, I began this web state to be established as a ‘Safe Zone’ for ‘All’ those who are seeking a refuge site from countless misleading sites, where bashing of religion, sexuality [or whatever other topic is the hot item of the day] becomes intolerable for too many seeking a helping hand. Links that are nothing more then scams and rip off sites, are a waste of our [your] time, money and energy. They offer products and ‘snake oil  remedies’ that are harmful to the healing of one’s mental, physical, and spiritual well being, therefore not what we will or want to promote … here at Top Cherub Web Centre.

If anyone who has personally received my card to connect to my TCWC web site, or was referred here by a friend or family member to do so, it has come to my attention that many have been redirected through the Internet, to a counterfeit sites. It is with my deepest apology for any confusion that was created there, as we have been busy in correcting this misfortune, over the past year. Starting a business at home, much of the past few years has been spent in trying to clean up this misdirection issue. My Anti-virus Technicians and others, have been ever so helpful in helping me cope with the challenges that were set before me, and I sing many praises with each time they have rescued me from whatever ailed my computer system. This contributed to my lack of posting more stories and advancing with introducing other Professionals through emails and links, as I basically needed to know that ‘the coast was clear’ and I was not sending any trouble their way, even though they are more then equipped to deal with the situation. It is the price one pays, in seeking pleasure on social sites, or conducting business, over the Internet. *Sigh*

When it comes to being an Affiliate of TCWC, the only ones who will be part to this web site will be those who are personally kn known in my community, or have been well researched by my team of Experts. Please do not add ‘YOUR’ web site information to a comment in the blog or the Forum [when added to the Membership section – possibly by early May], as this is not an advertising site for your business. Business web sites will be considered at a later date, and only by application through the ‘Affiliate section’ when added to the TCWC Domain. Web sites containing interesting articles pertaining to the subject at hand, will be reviewed by Moderators, before posting. You will be able to review these restrictions and other ‘Rules of TCWC Site’ in the Privacy Policy, T.O.S., Legal Section, and Disclaimers that will be put in place, once membership, a shopping carts is added, and TCWC is SSL protected.

A very wise man once said ‘A person is part of a solution or a contributor to the problem’ and we screen carefully for those who are ‘creators of issues’ in other people’s lives, or even try to compound the grief they are experiencing. May take a bit of time to catch on to those who are like ‘Foxes lose in a hen house at night’ and that will be taken care of some enough, to ‘weed them out’ before any harm is done. We care, as there is not one of us who has not tread down one of ‘the same paths’ in life as someone else has been or is on, even if distance or the people involved in our life circumstances differ. We have not walked the beaten path alone, even if we ‘have felt’ isolated or abandoned by others.

My inner circle is made up of sensitive and responsive people, who can be very empathetic towards others, with their endearing thoughtfulness. With that said, they also are fully experienced in the area of ‘Tough Love’, and know where to draw the line. We are here to walk with you for a season, hold your hand across the Internet and listen to your tears, while we shed our own. Where the line is drawn is that it is only ‘YOU’ who can make your life changing decisions. No one can do that for you, as we are only here to point towards the possible directions you may want to choose – which we deem as positive and enlightening for our reading audience. We are here to cheer you on, in your accomplishments.

God and His army of angels intervene in our lives in such miraculous ways, and all is good. When THEY do not intervene, … be fully aware that they are busy in the background, working through other ways and people, in order to develop and bring our lives into maturity. Life lessons are what prepares us for future test, up the highway that we are traveling. We need to go through our time of grief and loss, praying that he brings the ”right people’ into our lives to surround us and keep us strong. If what they speak is not of God or correct, and sounds more like condemnation or judgment on our life, you must not fret. Only God knows your heart and motives, and what HE IS WORKING OUT, IN AND THROUGH YOUR LIFE. This could be a mere test, to take you to another plateau or level of learning in your life.

Our Messiah was, is and always will be the strength people need, to endure the hardships we face. God in the flesh, He endured all our pain and suffering at the ‘Cross of Calvary.’ He knows that not one of us has all the answers, as even He could not tell His Disciples and followers when He would return, to end the suffering here on earth. It is also factual that His last words were ‘Father, why have you forsaken me ?’ during which time the sky fell into an eerie darkness, and the VEIL [curtain in the Synagogue /Temple, separating God from humans, other then that of the prepared High Priest who entered at set time of the year to offer a sacrificial lamb for the sins of the people] RIPPED FROM BOTTOM TO THE TOP. At that moment Jesus cried out ‘IT IS FINISHED’ and gave up His Spirit.’ Good Friday is what the following Monday brought … Goodness and God’s mercy to each one of our lives, seeing us through our darkest moments – with a great deal of kindness and help from others.

When we find that we are in that dark valley and feeling forsaken or abandoned, remember the saying that ‘It is always the darkest, before the break of dawn.’ Recently speaking with a gentleman who shared how lonely he was since the death of his wife, with it seemingly be the worst in the early hours before sunrise that the loneliness awoke him and set in, I suggested that he take a flashlight to bed with him and a stuffed animal that might represent one of his wife’s favorite creatures.. Telling him that when he awakened in the dark of the night, he just needed to turn on the flashlight and chat with the stuffed animal as though his wife was there with him. His eyes lite up, and he smiled. He thought that may be a solution to his issue, and said he would try it out..

We have much work to do, during the dark times that have engulfed this world, and healing is a God given to all who are open to receiving. Even ‘mother earth’ cries out for the healing touch from the pollution that she continues to spin around with The animal kingdom also is in great need of being spared of more grief and extinction with many species. Most important is the our healing with spiritual and mental being of priority, and physical as a given bonus, as we are the overseers of the above mentioned.

Please don’t ask me why one person receives and another who prays faithful does not. I don’t have the answer. In a nutshell ‘Life is a mystery, and the mystery lays within each one of us’. It is the earth and heavenly angels that travel about in the course of our life, with some we call ‘dear friends and family’, that makes it bearable and helps us endure to ‘fight the GOOD fight, while here on earth. 

As you continue on your life journey, remember: A kind word [action /deed] is an inexpensive jewel that can be given out freely, unto any and all, with whom you encounter,  throughout the day. Find your yourself busy with ‘worthy’ causes, in helping others, our animal kingdom, or planet earth. You’ll be delighted with how many jewels come back to you, in your daily travels.

Keep well & be blessed, always.


Dinning With An Angel

With the level of trauma experienced in the death of a loved one, the stress level occurring through and after a divorce, would be rated as the second worse crisis an individual experiences in life – next to loss of limb[s]. It is an extremely difficult time for most people, and even more so when children are involved. Ministering angels are always present, only allowed to intervene as directed [invited], and do reveal themselves in human form when the circumstances call for the need. The following story relates to one such need.

George was left in a state of shock, when his marriage of 25 years came to an sudden screeching halt. My impression and knowledge of this man was that he was an English Gentleman and a fine Chef, to say the least. Through the divorce, he kept in contact with his 3 young adult children. With his offspring living at some distance and alimony payments, his ability to travel and visit them was limited. George settled into a one bedroom apartment above a Chinese Restaurant, with little contact with the outside world, other then his employment. Included in his rental agreement was a free dinner any night he chose to dine downstairs. The owners had known George and his former wife for many years, as they were regular patrons at their establishment.

It was a Sunday evening, when George came downstairs, looking a bit disorientated and rough around the edges. Working the kitchen up the street, 6 days a week, he always enjoyed his one day off, even though he chose solitude, rather then the company of others that he and his wife bonded with over the years. The failure of his marriage made him feel as though he was wearing the Scarlet ‘A’ amongst his church family, though this was an untruth and part of his state of mind after the divorce. Isolation is the very thing that the enemy of God would want His children to think, as it is the very twisted [words] thought that he [Satan] beguiled Eve with in the garden of Eden.

George took his seating at the regular booth, near the kitchen. After being served his usual dinner of chicken chow mien and tea, he began to eat. Suddenly a beautiful woman was standing at his table and asked if he would mind if she joined him. George was delighted with the thought of having company, during his solitude time of eating dinner alone. She was interested in what it was he was eating, and George quickly asked if he could order her the same or something else from the menu. She declined the offer of food or drink, stating she was just in and waiting for her next appointment to meet with someone. Stated she was a support worker of a kind.

Over dinner, conversation flowed freely, with George doing most of the conversing. He spoke of his unexpected separation and divorce from his wife, their children and how the separation affected them, along with how it troubled him because of his belief and strength from what the Bible spoke of concerning divorce. Neither he or his wife were guilty of adultery and not being able to reconcile the marriage was tearing him apart. The unidentified guest gave him some comforting words and suggested he not be so hard on himself, concerning a decision that his former wife had made and he had no control over.

After some time the lady visitor stated she had to be leaving, as she had some work to finish up before the end of the day. What that work involved was left unknown to George, as she clearly made it known that she did not want the conversation or time spent with him to be about her. Once the stranger had departed, George sipped on the remainder of his tea and prepared for his own departure to his apartment above the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant and his wife approached him, as they noticed he had went from a very down and out man to having a glow about him. The owner began with ‘George, you okay ? My wife and I very concerned about you.’

George could not imagine why they would have concerns and reassured them that the woman who sat with him was a good person and not out to hurt or take advantage of him in any way. The owners exchanged glances and asked him ‘What woman George ? For the past hour you have sat there and speaking to no one. There was no woman sitting at your table yet you talked just like there was someone sitting with you. Are you okay George ? We are very concerned.’ He suddenly realized that he had just spent the past hour entertaining an angel and that the couple who were observing this scene would not understand, even if he did try to explain it to them. It would take time and sharing numerous scriptures concerning angels or them having their own personal experience, before they would be able to comprehend what they had witnessed that night.

George’s life took a turn for the better, after that Sunday evening encounter. He met a lady [earth angel] and began to fellowship at her church of worship. Developing new church relationships and creating memories with his extended family, George’s life did an ‘about face’ and he once again felt alive. Two years later he and Loretta married. They shared over 2 decades of joy in marriage before George became terminal ill with cancer. It would not surprise me in the least if that ‘lady visitor’ from that Sunday night at the restaurant was one of the faces George saw standing by his bed side, as he passed over to the other side of eternity. Persons attended a friend passing over, have given insight of the dying seeing a person who is not at their bedside. With angels being able to take on the form of any human being, they can and do appear to a dying person in a familiar form that will comfort the dying when saying good bye to their loved ones.

As we live life to the fullest, death has no final sting for those who believe in an eternal home with our Creator of the universe and galaxies beyond. We can rest assured that our eternity will be spent not only with our Creator, but with all our loved ones who have predeceased us in our Lord Jesus. The following account of Pam Reynolds gives some insight of her experience when she was pronounced clinically dead for an hour, and revived back to life. Are these examples just something we take for granted or are they reassurance to those who are fence sitting about what they themselves believe about there not being life after death ? We each hold on to our belief system [that which we grew to believe from the input of elders and those in our life who influenced our way of thinking], and change is a slow process in many cases.

A True Life After Death Case – Pam Reynolds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hViOptr-JcY

One of the most impressive comments Pam made about her hour in heaven was a question she asked of a predeceased loved one she interacted with during her time there. Q: ‘Is God the Light ?’    A: ‘The light is what happens when God breathes.’ Quite awesome to see God and heaven in this way and explanation.

With countless who live life for ‘TODAY’ and do not give thought to their actions or the consequences they bring forth in their ‘TOMORROWS’ is not the way to prepare for eternity. Within that thought, many who have been beaten down by life circumstances have a closer walk with our Lord, and woe to those who did the ‘trodden down’ of the weak and vulnerable of this world.

For any planned trip in life, we map out our destination with precise and care … yet countless people ignore their final destiny, believing that when they are dead – there is no more. What if there is more ? Do you not owe it to yourself [children] to research the matter deeper. King James Version or the Inspired Living Word of the Bible is the best place to start, with recommendations of beginning in the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Coming to the understanding of the mission of Jesus of Nazareth, being God in the flesh who dwelt among His people to give them that road map on their earth journey, while preparing them for His distant return and the coming of His new heavens and Kingdom on earth. FighterPilotDreamz expresses this ‘fact of life’ so well, in the added comment below the video he uploaded.

It will be those who keep the faith who will be welcomed with open arms into the Kingdom of God, reuniting with loved ones, while others are banished for eternity from His presence. For those who believe there is no heaven or hell, my only question to ‘You’ is this ‘Death is inevitable for all who were born, for we were all destined to live our life and die. Are you willing to take a chance on your eternal destiny, due to ‘lack of knowledge or common ignorance ?’ These will be unacceptable excuses in a world that reached the four corners of the earth with the gospel, through missionaries and technology. With each departing soul within my personal life, my condolence is ‘See you later over yonder, for now is your eternal rest … until that mighty trumpet blast and the return of our Messiah.’ Whether we are here are there, on that day ~ what a ‘WOW DAY’ that will be.

Until then … ‘ Be Blessed & Enjoy Life’, as we continue to serve others, on our earth journey and within our global communities.

A Twentieth Century Jacob ?

It was not uncommon to gather around our family dinner table without Dad sharing a story or lesson, which reflected God’s word and work being fulfilled or accomplished within our daily existence and lives. Neighbors and relatives from afar were frequent visitors and listeners, as he brought biblical characters to life, in some of the stories shared. One such character was in relationship to Harold. Dad worked along side with Harold at the factory he was employed at, after selling the farmland. I was in visiting that Sunday afternoon, and enthralled with Dad’s account of what he had to share.

Dad was a gentle spirited and easy to work with man, who tolerated a great deal with Harold. His co-worker was a man who was prone to harmful addictions, with gambling and drinking being the ‘spiral downhill’ that his life was taking. My father took a shine to him. Harold was a hard worker when he was not off in a dark corner of the factory drinking, or on the phone placing a call to his bookie to place a bet or see if his last one was a payoff. Before leaving the line, he would always ask Dad to cover for him, in the event the floor manager or supervisor was doing a walk about. Pulling a double load, Dad would cover for him, though it was against his principles of defending anyone who was not following the company polices and rules.

It happened one Monday morning, when Harold came to work as a transformed man. Dad definitely knew there had been a change in his demeanor and request to leave the line. This time he was asking my Dad to cover for him while he went out back to pray for strength to not drink or make any gambling related calls. My father was puzzled, and a few days later accepted Harold’s invitation to go for coffee after work.

Once settled in at a coffee shop, after calling his wife to let her know he would be home late, Harold began to share an incredible account of what happened to him over the weekend. He chose Dad as his listening ear, because he knew that from the previous months that my father had ‘covered’ for him on the job, he would be the best starting point of coming to terms of whether he had lost his sanity, or not. Dad listened intently, with the slow start of getting to what had happened to this man, which would cause such an enormous transformation in his life, since the Friday past.

Harold began ‘Roger, I know that this is going to sound like I’ve lost my mind, but I swear there is no other explanation other then I was visited by God or one of His angels.’ He definitely had my father’s interest at that point, as he had heard many stories on people hearing from God or how much their life had changed, when Dad could see no big difference in other people’s accounts. With Harold, he knew this was not the case.

It began on the previous Friday evening, after work. Harold had planned his usual outing at the racetrack and casino, but needed more money. His pay cheque had already been eaten up with rent, paying previous gambling debts and placed on new ones. He just needed more because he felt this was his ‘lucky night’. Harold went home and told his wife and children to get into the car, after she had refused to give up her last $20 to his gambling addiction. It was put aside for the week’s bread and milk money for their children, and she stood her grounds on not seeing them go without. Too many times the furniture and toys had been sold from underneath them, in order for him to continue his irresponsible ways in providing for their needs and bare essentials.

With fear and reluctance, his wife sat in the passenger seat with the children once again cowering in the backseat, not knowing what the results would be from this outing with their enraged father. His wife knew the power of prayer, and continued without ceasing. Taking them to the cities riverfront, he parked the car and continued to demand the small amount of money she had in her purse. Then his threat came to not only end her life but that of the children’s, if she did not hand over the money. What occurred at that point is near unbelievable, yet my father said he never seen a man more sincere in relaying his story then what Harold did.

‘Roger, I barely got those threatening words out of my mouth, when suddenly my car door flung open. I was on the ground in a heartbeat and the door slammed shut. I was sure it was someone passing by who overheard my threats, or a police officer beating me with his night stick, as there was definitely physical pain being inflicted upon me. I wiggled about the pavement and a few times caught a glimpse of my wife and children looking out the car window in horror. There was nobody there, Roger. It was an invisible force that continued to hammer me to a pulp, as though seeking revenge for every time I had physically, spiritually or verbally abused my wife and children. Though it seemed like the beating would never end, I was told the next morning that I was on the ground for an hour, before I was able to stand again and get back in the car. I said nothing to them that night. Drove home, where she tucked the children in for the night. I nursed my badly hurt bruised body and ultra ego throughout the remainder of the night and all day Saturday.’

My father was captivated by Harold’s detailed account of what occurred late that night, as they sipped on their third cup of java. He proceeded to tell him of what was shared with him, during the thrashing that changed his life. ‘Roger, a voice spoke to me and told me, as I begged for mercy and forgiveness for all I had done before and since my marriage, that it would be as asked. I was also told that I would become a Pastor to a small flock of God’s people, for a season. My parents are [prayer warriors] and we attended church regularly with them as children, but I haven’t darkened the door of a church since my early teen years, other then this Sunday past. I am but an ignorant man when it comes to the word of God.’

Dad asked him what he meant by ‘a season’. Harold then told him that he was not given details of when and where his Pasturing  would occur, but was given the date that his earth journey would end. With a ‘sigh of relief’ that he had finally shared this life changing event with someone other then his wife, he asked my father for his input. Dad stirred his coffee and thought deeply about what he had just been told, then replied with this confirmation. Harold I believe you were confronted by either God or his arc angel Micheal. He then refreshed his childhood memory on the story of Jacob, who wrestled with God throughout a night, under totally different circumstances, yet experiencing a life changing transformation that sounded similar to that of which was now being described to him. Harold was delighted that his trust in Dad was one of validation, rather then being mocked or laughed at and being called ‘crazy’. The account of Jacob’s encounter with wrestling with God can be found in Genesis 32:21-32

Harold did leave the factory, shortly after speaking with Dad, and became a Pastor in another city. He also died on the day he was given many years previously, and now in his eternal home. How I can confirm this story is due to the fact that I became a neighbor to  his brother [lived in the same duplex], had already met  his other brother through extraordinary circumstances that frightened the daylights out of me only to meet him again after his conversion, and entertained Harold’s daughter in my home one evening.

She confirmed my father’s Sunday afternoon account of her father’s life and how frightening that night had been for her and the family. She lived a few doors down from me, and said that even though her father had become a Pastor, she did not believe and only attended church because she had to. She added that it was not until she watched me as a neighbor and learned more about me that she became a believer, as before that she was not able to forgive her father for the years of abuse the family had suffered from. Both brothers came to a time of surrendering their lives to Jesus and the one brother I had met some time before Dad sharing his story became the Pastor of the church, Harold left behind when he passed over into eternity.

In this account of Harold’s time wrestling with God or an angel, I am in no way advising anyone reading this to take any chances with the safety and well being of yourself or your children. If you are in unsafe conditions where your live’s are being threatened, remove yourself from the situation and involve professionals who will take action. It is as mysterious to me in why prayers go unanswered, when praying for the sick or other things that just do not go the way we would like them to. My time of questioning God was definitely multiplied after the death of my daughter, and I wrestled with God concerning many aspects of my life. There truly is a reason and a season for everything under the sun [both good and bad], and all things work together for those who love our Lord Jesus.

If you are wrestling with God over any issues within your life, be reassured that before the break of dawn God will have his way with you and it is best to surrender early and listen to what He has to share with you rather then continue the fight that you will never win. It could be wrestling with giving up something in your life which is holding you back from receiving His full blessings and favor, or reluctant to go forward with something that He has been calling you to do in life. This is totally your call, and as personal as your relationship with our Lord Jesus.

His angels are here and working along side of each of us, as we go about our daily business. They truly are watching and intervening when the time is right. Are you prepared ?

Good Bye 2012 ~ Hello New Chapter of Life

With another year that has come and gone, we have seen and found the world and ourselves going through many changes, adjustments and transformations. Some are for the better and others we don’t feel as being fair or good.

Countless were good, in spite of the challenges and obstacles that came our way. These are the very things that contribute to our growth, molding of character and strengthen us to endure unforeseen future events that lay ahead on our paths in life. We have reached the pinnacles of mountain tops, while travelling through dark valleys, for those who have endured life thus far. It is with hope that you have not felt abandoned, isolated or left behind, while travelling along the journey of your earth walk.

During a video course and discussion circles that followed, the Pastor’s wife shared a nugget of wisdom and insight, in regards to a question I presented to the group. I asked when ministering to a bereaving client, whether it be a loss of a loved one, employment, addictive mental or physical habits they find as their comfort, or hoarding, phobias, over eating, anorexia and other disorders that clearly shows that the individual is in need of help, what was her outlook on these self-destructive or obstacles in a person’s life

Her reply went something like this. ‘God gives us nothing more than we can endure and if He brings us to it, He will see us through the issues and challenges, as Jesus said that through His Holy Comforter that we would never be abandoned or forsaken. Greater is God’s plan for our lives’, then one could ever imagine. Two things occur from any tragedy or issue within a person’s life. They will draw closer to God, or they will self-propel from Him and His teachings, while harbouring their pain and contain it within their fleshly vessel. This leads to many unnecessary side effects that can be very destructive to the individual’s health, decision making and well being.’

In a nutshell, there are no magic pills or snake oils that will cure what ails a person, without having hope, joy and love flowing from within. Also, God’s healing does not always occur with a single prayer. It can be a progressive occurrence over many days, months or years. Sometimes it doesn’t occur, and there is also purpose in God’s Master Plan for that. Could be that it was that child / person’s appointment time to be with our Creator, while those left behind needed some inner cleansing work to take place. This may be a bitter pill for some to swallow; at this time of your life, understanding or healing, but it is part of God’s way of reassuring us that things will be ‘Okay’ if we continue to trust in Him.

Please do not misunderstand what I am saying here. There are numerous illnesses that are part of the facts of life, which require medication, as it could be a predisposition to that person’s genetic and medical heritage. Know that God works through the hands of medical doctors and other health professionals also, though we put our faith in God. When visiting my physician years ago, he came to know me well. On one visit he asked “Did you pray before making an appointment to see me?” I answered “Sure did, and He told me to pick up the phone and make an appointment with you. With a short chuckle, my doctor began the questions of what symptoms brought me to seek his advice.

I did not have the years of education in the medical system, and sought advice and help when needed. One should not ignore professional medical advice, spiced with generational home remedies and many prayers. If you have any form of medical emergency or in physical danger, do not hesitate to contact your local response team / crisis centre / police department or professional that you are in contact with. Use common sense, as it is not dead – as some would have you believe. Be prepared for the unexpected, as things can change in the wink of an eye.

If you are able to, find a worthy cause to become involved in. When one does not focus upon themselves, so much can take place in one’s own self-esteem and purpose in life, while having a ripple effect to those lives your good deeds touch, globally. All the angels of heaven and earth are listening; even if we feel  our voice or actions go void. Reaching out and touching other people’s lives, as we work towards making this a better world for our future generation and leaders, our legacy will be remembered as one of serving God well, during our earth journey.

Recently, I reviewed a video from some time ago, and felt it most befitting to share with you today. If the voice of our youth can be Internationally heard before the leaders of nations, then there should be no doubt that each one of us can speak up and take action, right where we live and are planted. This could be for a season, if we move and replant our home base elsewhere. Within the community we / you dwell, be reassured from this young ladies speech that we are able to make a difference, right where we sit, stand, and live.

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes: by Kim Seong Lee


With 2013’s new beginnings, I want to express my gratitude for numerous comments left on the TCWC blog. My team has reviewed them and we appreciate the compliments, along with the constructive criticism. We value the feedback and will use various ones to articulate and improve the plans we have been working on, in continuing to develop the TCWC community visitors and member’s forum, along with other developments. This will happen over the next month’s/year, as there are numerous things that need to be put into place.

My blog will continue on with numerous stories of heavenly angels intervening and interacting in human dealings and affairs, as we continue to work on the web site. Consulting will occur online, also at a later date, while offline work is the business at hand, for now. Questionnaires and surveys will be part of future plans, to enable my inner circle to assist and help serve you better and to the best of our ability.

Until then, keep well … and be blessed.

Merry Christmas to All

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World (Spoken Intro Version) 1970

With Christmas season upon us, my first thought for this blog was to plug in one of my favorite carols ‘Good King Wenceslas’. I reconsidered when the thought of the countless persons who may not be in a position where they have joy bubbling up from within, and not experiencing that ‘Christmas spirit’ came to mind. I then settled with a year round favorite ‘What A Wonderful World’. To me, this 1970 version of the song carries the same message of love, peace, and giving of ones bounty … while spoken and sang in a majestic way, by Louis Armstrong. If you have not yet listened to this masterpiece, please take the time to do so. Enjoy the lyrics, while allowing this positive message to  resound within your soul.

2012 brought with it numerous disasters worldwide, along with the economy being in the state of affairs it is in. With so many picking up the pieces of their shattered lives, the amazing power of love and giving was witnessed globally on a daily basis, while countless gave of their time / lives in rescue operations and missions of goodwill to all they were able to reach in time. With that considered, the true ‘Christmas Spirit’ shone throughout the world 24/7 – other than the one day of the year that has been designated and accepted by countless, as the birth day of Jesus. More information is available, at the end of my Christmas story, concerning the actual day of the ‘Christ’ [meaning ‘The Annointed One’] child being born.

No matter the day you celebrate His birth, let it be a year round joy that sustains you through troubled times, and let 2013 ring in with a positive outlook, with faith that God will carry you through.

‘Inviting an Earth Angel to Dinner’

Christmas Day, Friday 25th of 1981, was the time this story is based on. As my Mom had ‘passed over’ in January of that year and me being a divorced mother shortly after, it had been a difficult year for my own personal dealings. With no support from the girl’s father or his relatives, my desire was for my children to lack for nothing on this first Christmas as a broken family unit.

The day was off to an early start, with Christina and Amy happily anticipating the gifts awaiting them. I remember how beautiful the day was, as we headed off to a special church service. There was a fresh light blanket of snow that fell the night before, making that crunching sound with each step taken. It was a mild winter day, and the small building was packed with people. There were the regular attendees, along with family who were in visiting from a distance. At the end of the service, everyone was confirming that others had their Christmas Day plans in place, making sure no family was left behind or anyone neglected and on their own. With a brief time of fellowship after the service, the girls and I began our short journey home.

The girls skipped, hopped and slid along the sidewalk, as my mind was focused on keeping my balance and getting home to tend to the turkey I had placed in the oven before the morning service. With exchanged laughter and excitement to reach home, I was looking about the neighborhood and feeling at such peace. I remembered my neighbour, Sharon, had mentioned that she and her family were going to her sisters for Christmas. I took this opportunity to call on Frank, her boarder, and asked if he would like to join the girls and me for dinner. He accepted.

We scurried the few doors down to our home, and while the girls enjoyed the gifts they had received, I continued to prepare for dinner. When Frank arrived he joined me in the kitchen, while I finished with last minute details before the need of interrupting the girls from their play time came. As we spoke, he opened up and shared some of his past with me.

As a former pharmacist, he had lost his job and his wife left him, due to alcoholism and prescription drug addiction. After months in rehabilitation, he was preparing to put the past where it belonged and had applied for employment in another province. We spoke about prescription drugs, and how so much was being prescribed unnecessarily. Masking the symptons with pills, rather than getting to the root of the issue and dealing with the cause of the problem in more healthy and natural ways, was not being promoted or dealt with. He witnessed this on a daily basis when dispensing drugs, and now planned on using his experience to educate people about the harmful use and abuse of addictive medications.

When all was ready we sat together and gave grace and thanksgiving for the meal we were sitting down to, which included all the trimmings I had grown to know and appreciate during various homestead celebrations. Our guest then proceeded to carve the turkey. The meal was a success, with much chattering and excitement from the girls being exhanged with us. I felt blessed to share this time with a new friend, and acquaintance in need.

Within that thought, sudden horror took over as I saw Christina gagging and turning pale. A turkey bone had lodged in her throat, and she was showing signs of extreme distress. In seconds, it seemed as though hundreds of thoughts raced through my head. I didn’t know CPR, and the ambulance station was around the corner. Could I scoop her up and run for assistance, in time to save her ? Would phoning 911 be a fatal delay for my daughter ? I was to my feet and at the phone ready to give Frank last minute instructions, when within seconds my panic would be subdued as things took on another course of action.

Frank took over. After quick approval from me he took my daughter from her chair – once he checked her mouth with his finger to see if he could dislodge the bone from her throat. He laid her across his knee, with her stomach being the leverage point. Putting pressure on her lower back with his left hand, he gave a few good thrushes to her chest area with his right one and the bone flew out to the floor. She began breathing normally again, after a short coughing spell. I began to cry and told Frank that he had just blessed me with the best Christmas gift I had ever received from anyone.

After dinner and dishes were done, Frank said his farewell and departed. I did not see him again, as he was hired for a job in another province, within the week. He had slipped away before I was able to formally thank him, and he left no forwarding address. Nor did he want anyone he had connected with knowing where he went. He would have to remain my unsung hero, in his request for privacy. The man wanted to get on with his life, not wanting his past to follow him in an attempt to drag him down again.

Sharon told me that he wanted to break off all ties with people in the city, who would not let him forget or live down his past mistakes. Understandable, as God knows and throws our sin into a ‘Sea of Forgotten’ upon our sincere repentance, though peoples memories are not as forgiving. To continue to ask forgiveness for the same thing over and over again, is like a broken record and definitely not helping one move forward with the mission in life that they were born to fulfill, during their earth journey.

This includes our youth who have had their life cut short, whether the cause was avoidable or not. In many cases they were here for a season to bless us, and teach us valuable lessons in life. There are clear instructions in The Book of Proverbs on what God thinks of such persons who will not forgive, while spreading gossip and continually holding people to their past shortcomings and failures, for those who are interested in reading more about this fact of life.

Forgiveness is a true necessity in life, as there is scripture that states that what we bind on earth, is bound in heaven … while what we let go of on earth is freed in heaven. In other words ‘Let go and let God deal with those who have hurt us’, so our Heavenly Father is able to work out ‘His Master Plan’ for their life, as well as yours. This is not necessarily an overnight transformation, and may be a daily process that takes time, though a necessitity to draw closer to God. If we don’t, bitterness becomes the horrid pill we swallow each morning, which causes many ill side effects. Grief also needs to be overcome, as it can paralyze a person from moving forward, if it dwells within for too long.

For all who believe in the purpose of the Christ Jesus coming into this world and need a refresher course on the topic, or you are totally new at this and have a zillion questions about what is being shared here, the Book of Luke is a good place to start. The Book[s] of Matthew, Mark and John also give wonderful accounts to that glorious night of His Holy birth, and the greatest gift given to this world and mankind, from God. With the angel and messenger Gabriel appearing to Mary before conception, then unto Joseph in a dream … the story just begins; as right after His birth a multitude of angels appeared to shepherds watching their flocks in fields, to announce the long anticipated birth of Jesus.

In studies, I have for many years now been questioning the day stated as the Christ Jesus birthdate, and found the following information to be the best research of information yet given.

“Few know that there is a biblical way to determine when the Messiah was actually born.  We can do this by relating the conception and birth of Jesus (Yeshua) with the conception and birth of John the Baptist.” as stated by Bryan T. Huie.

You can research and follow up on the truth behind Christmas, at:   http://www.herealittletherealittle.net/index.cfm?page_name=Jesus-Birthday.

From the TCWC Team, our Christmas prayer for you is:

For each one reading this message, may you be able to shake off any feelings of fear, abandonment or isolation and loneliness … while reaching out to those who care about your well being. Allow others to help you to continue in the right direction of enlightenment, after walking with you for a time. It is with hope that you come to understand that Jesus loves and accepts you unconditionally right where you are, and will not reject anyone who calls out to Him. Believe that over time, while growing in Him … changes will occur in a positive way, as He will give you strength to battle the storms of life. May God’s Holy Spirit overshadow your life, on to the day you choose to allow Jesus into your heart and home, to dwell with you throughout eternity. It is truly the most precious gift in life that anyone could possibly ever receive.

Have a Merry Christmas’ each and every day of your life. Until my next blog, keep well, and ‘Beware of how you treat a stranger, least you be entertaining an angel’.

Hello world!

My name is Brandi, and I BELIEVE in Cherubs & Angels.

Whether you are a believer, or curious and wonder if there is a possibility that Angels do exist, I am sure you will enjoy my future blogs. Based on true life experiences – you can judge for yourself.

This planet earth, better known as our ‘temporary home’, is a wonderful world filled with endless mysteries that are ours to discover – during our life time here. Born as little human cherubs, we are subject to our genetic heritage and environmental surroundings, as we develop into adults. I will refer to such kind and helpful persons as ‘earth angels’, quite often throughout my blogs.

More often than not, we have asked the question ‘Why?’ when tragic times have impacted our lives. It could be due to the death of a loved one, job loss, any form of abuse … or just watching and hearing of the crisis occurring within our community and globally.

With natural disasters and decisions made, by men or women, which devastate countless lives, we all wonder if there is something beyond the sight of our physical realm, and why are they waiting to intervene in human affairs?  Is there a way to find ‘Peace’ amidst this turmoil in life? Are we alone, or is there actually truth to some ‘Higher Power’ who is omnipotent and actually cares about us? Can one HOPE that there is closure to ‘the insanity’ of people who rule this world in a destructive manner?

From that little cherub in the cradle, smiling and cooing as though being entertained by those in the spiritual realm, our mental state grows skeptical or dulled over the years, with all the complexities of dealing with our physical form. Mentally we are conditioned to accept what we are told, shutting us off from the existence of our spiritual oneness with God, being the Creator of all that exist. We become religious, rather than experiencing freedom in being one of God’s adopted children through our relationship with His only begotten Son

With Angels, in His loving foresight, God knew we would need a great deal of assistance on our earthly pilgrimage. He created ‘His Angelical Beings’ to serve, protect, guide and oversee ‘His’ children during their earth journey. The Holy Scriptures states that He has given His Angels charge over us … which gives me great FAITH that God is a loving and caring God, wanting us to not feel abandoned or alone.

Being able to connect with an earth angel, during a stormy time of our life when we have been in need, is God working in our life. It is through their helping hands, listening ears, shoulder to cry on,  laughter when you are cried out, and sound advice spiced with plenty of prayer, that gives us the strength we need to get back on track. Then we are able to find that quiet place within our life where we hear the whispers of God, once again.

There are countless people who are walking around in a near zombie state of mind with damaged or void spirits. This could be due to a tragedy which shattered their dreams leaving them with feelings of hopeless and helplessness. We all have had our share of stormy seas to sail and dark valleys to walk through.

Through stories, videos and interviews, it is my personal goal to share with the ‘TCWC Internet Community’ how Angels [and earth angels] are very actively engaging in the welfare and well-being of human beings, the animal kingdom and the condition of planet earth.  More often than not, it is through the sharing of stories and listening to ‘the whispers of God’s spirit’ in quiet times that spirits are healed and earth angels broken wings are mended.

You may be asking yourself at this point: Do I believe that we at TCWC have all the answers pertaining to God’s legions of Angelical Beings? That would be a very presumptuous and misleading claim on my part, if I said we did. What we do believe is that so many are semi – living their lives not even aware that the spiritual realm surrounds them and could have a great influence on their lives if they are allowed to do so. Remember, they were created to serve us – second only to God.

This is not a web site study on Cherubs and Angels as there are volumes of research on this subject over the Internet. Also available are many excellent books on the topic of Angels & Cherubs. I will also refer to a few that I have read and studied from. Since Angels appearing unto people and are mentioned 118 times within the Bible [The Living Word of God], there will be reference made to scriptures which is my favorite book on life … as I understand it. Other books will be referred to, from time to time, when it is in reference to questions asked or the subject of the day. 

As Founder of Top Cherub Web Centre, I hope you enjoy YOUR ‘Peace journey’ with us, as you discover the ‘Angelical Forces of God’ working in and throughout your life. Meantime, ‘Beware of how you treat a stranger … lest you be entertaining an angel’.